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What's in it: This website offers online order solution that’ll help you collect payments from your consumers and accept orders and payments for products or services you offer. It consists of a full version of an E-commerce portal that allows you to sell 100s and 1000s of products on the internet additionally all items can be equipped with short/long descriptions, price tag, discount coupon, product/ service variables (such as price, color, texture, prints.) etc.

Who should buy it:This website is ideal for customers looking to accept online payments for products or services, so if you plan to showcase your entire range of products and allow your consumers to order and make payments this is a good fit.

Not a good fit for: If you’re looking for customers to order and make multiple changes to the order, or if u deal in very low, very high value ticket items or frequently changing specifications and have limited choices and variables, this is mostly not a good fit for you.

Time to complete :1 Week.