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What's in it: A Website-Order Form offers a comprehensive order form that’ll help you collect information about your consumers and their preferences about the products or services you offer, And fundamentally includes color schemes, design elements and a word based Logo that points back to the business or its purpose. Although this website doesn’t allow you to make purchases online customers can place their orders and money will be exchanged later.

Who should buy it: Ideally, if you’re looking to help your customers order online, this website is a good fit for you. If you are a Doctor, Caterer, Spas, Gyms, Parlors, Coaching Classes, Yoga Classes, Dance and Music Schools, etc. you will find this website meeting up to your requirements. 

Not a good fit for: If your requirement is to allow clients to be able to make quick payments online, if you are looking to retail on the internet or sell a wide range of products like cloths, electronics, jewelry etc, if you are looking to interact with your audience on the web then this website is not a good fit for you.

Time to complete:1 Week.