SEO Basic

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What's in it: This plan includes a simple yet necessary optimization that primarily includes making modifications on the website to ensure SEO best practices are followed on the Website/ Web Product. This includes modifying the Site index and structure of the website to enable better SEO, creating additional pages and ensuring better crawling happens for all the pages on the website. Inserting keywords in the website to make sure that when your customers type in the appropriate keywords in the search engine, your website shows up with improved search results.

Who should buy: If you already have a website and are ready to be identified by consumers or potential clients online either for a sale or for band recall, you’re in the right situation to buy this package. you must have a fully functional website to start this package and preferably reasonable digital social presence to make the most out of this solution.

Not a good fit for:  If you don’t have a website that’s ready this is surely not for you. if you also are not able to handle more business, or are not looking to created too much online attention to your brand this is not a good fit for you.

Time to create: 1 Week.